Bulk Containers


Our BulkPak® 7048 HDR Series containers can fit almost any part or component and replaces other forms of transport packaging such as metal racking that can rust. Additionally, all plastic reusable bulk containers can be stacked, without racking, upright or collapsed. These extended-length, collapsible containers are ideal for automotive applications.

Model Footprint Length Width Height Truckload
HDR7048-25 HDR7048-25 70x48x25 70 48 25 68
HDR7048-34 HDR7048-34 70x48x34 70 48 34 51
HDR7048-41 HDR7048-41 70x48x41 70 48 41 34
HDR7048-50 HDR7048-50 70x48x50 78 48 50 34
HDRS7048-19 Fixed Wall HDRS7048-19 Fixed Wall 70x48x19 70 48 19 85

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