Denham Plastics partnered with Polymer Logistics to build a state-of-the-art RPC-washing facility in Salinas, CA, conveniently located next to Denham Plastics' headquarters. CLEANTEC is a sophisticated wash system for reusable plastic produce containers. An advantage of this state-of-the-art wash system is that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the food-safe antibacterial agents used in the wash which reduces cross-contamination in produce RPCs. In addition, CLEANTEC LOGISTICS RPC is OMRI Listed for Cleantec Logistics for use as a packaging material in organic processing production. Before using this highly pressured, environmentally friendly wash, containers are inspected for defects then moved through the wash where a disinfectant is applied. This automated wash system allows large numbers of containers (over 3,500 RPCs per hour) to be washed quickly and helps ensure uniform quality and minimizes damage to the containers. A powerful centrifuge drying process is used to dry the containers which are then shrink wrapped for shipment. Same day turnaround on wash service is customarily offered. 

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