Bulk Containers


The BulkPak® 6548 HDR collapsible containers are ideal for the storage and transport of long, heavy parts. These extended-length bulk bins were designed for lengthy, hard-to-fit parts common in the automotive industry. With weight capacities up to 2,000 pounds, these plastic reusable bulk containers are ideal for all types of automotive and industrial applications.

Model Footprint Length Width Height Truckload
HDR6548-19 Fixed Wall HDR6548-19 Fixed Wall 65x48x19 65 48 19 90
HDR6548-25 HDR6548-25 65x48x25 65 48 25 72
HDR6548-34 HDR6548-34 65x48x34 65 48 34 54
HDR6548-42 HDR6548-42 65x48x42 65 48 42 36
HDR6548-50 HDR6548-50 65x48x50 65 48 50 36

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