Bulk Containers


The BulkPak® 5648 Series accommodates long and hard-to-fit component parts. These plastic reusable bulk containers features a four-way fork entry and a variety of sidewall configurations, with up to four hinged access doors available. Ideal for automotive, heavy-truck and appliance applications.

Model Footprint Length Width Height Truckload
HDRS5648-19 Fixed Wall HDRS5648-19 Fixed Wall 56x48x19 56 48 19 0
HDR5648-42 HDR5648-42 56x48x42 56 48 42 44
HDR5648-34 HDR5648-34 56x48x34 56 48 34 66
HDR5648-25 HDR5648-25 56x48x25 56 48 25 88

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